Acrylic Nail Course

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  • video tutorials guiding you through every aspect of every treatment.
  • easy to follow downloadable eBooks in units, designed to enhance your progressive learning techniques
  • Easy online learning via your mobile, tablet and pc
  • Full support and guidence from working professionals


Once that acrylic is dry, your clients talons are a force to be reckoned with. From cans, to mail packaging, these babies are hard to break. So if your looking for a treatment which will provide your clients with strong nails, look no further!



This Award Winning Online Acrylic Nail Extensions Course will provide you with all the practical and theory knowledge you require to ensure you have the very best qualification to start your own business or gain employment in a salon. Acrylic nails are a very popular service so you can quickly start earning money!

With acrylic nails you can pretty much change up the shape and length anytime you want. Go from square to round, to almond, and back again. A nail junkie needs these kind of options!

You can do whatever you want with acrylics! Be as outrageous with the length, color, size, shapes, finishes, and even accessories. There’s not limit to what you can create with them.

Yes acrylics are artificial, but when applied correctly, no one can tell. The nails are super customisable, and when filed down to the right width and thickness, it’s hard to spot where the natural nail ends and where the acrylic begins.

When your client wants all their nails to look the same, but some just grow totally different than others, acrylics help create gorgeous consistency. No one is the wiser to the differences anymore, including your client!

This Acrylic Course also includes full tuition on how to safely apply, maintain and remove the nail extensions so there is no need for expensive follow on courses.

As part of the course you will have full access to detailed course materials including your specially designed course eBooks which include full step by step guides, demonstration tutorial videos filmed professionally by Victoria Arpels our founder as well as workbooks, downloads and much more…

Module Total: 5

Vid Total: 30

Unit Total: 25