Builder (Hard) Gel

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  • video tutorials guiding you through every aspect of applying, maintaining and removing builder gel nails
  • easy to follow downloadable eBooks in units, designed to enhance your progressive learning echniques
  • Create beautiful nails which look natual and last like acrylics
  • Easy online learning via your mobile, tablet and pc
  • Achieve a Diploma Certificate allowing you to gain professional insurance
  • Full support and guidence from working professionals


Learn how to build nails which have the strength of an acrylic but the look of a gel! Yes thats right, in this course you can learn how to create beautiful nails which look natural but last – it’s easy and we will show you how



This course is a must if you want to achieve nails which have the strength of an acrylic but the look of a gel. If you want to

In this course you will learn how to apply the hard gel, understand what a smile line is and how to apply one as well as how you can build the stenght of the nail to ensure long lasting wear. Learn how to repair broken nails, create forever french, right through to transforming problematic nail types! Feel salon ready and confident enough to tackle even the most difficult of nails!

Whats the difference between soak off and builder gels? Builder gel can not be soaked off like your standard gel extensions and instead must buffed off using a file. This is because hard gel is non porous and will not be removed using acetone.

We will also show you how to maintain the nails including infilling and rebalancing as well as the safe removals and aftercare advice.

Module Total: 5

Vid Total: 29

Unit Total: 25