Builder in a Bottle

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  • video tutorials guiding you through every aspect of every treatment.
  • easy to follow downloadable eBooks in units, designed to enhance your progressive learning techniques
  • Easy online learning via your mobile, tablet and pc
  • Full support and guidence from working professionals


This is the latest system to hit the nail industry used by brands like Halo, Gel Bottle and OPI. This allows you to have the manoeuvrability of a gel but control of a gel polish, it goes where you want it to and not where you don’t want it to. By working with a brush within the bottle this will ensure you are not contaminating your gels by mixing the colours.

As you are applying the gel with a brush from the bottle it fans out around the cuticle and side walls so you can create a flush finish.


  • Easy application
  • Ideal for sculpting with forms or nail tips
  • Can be cured under LED and UV lamp
  • No primer needed
  • Different colours available
  • The latest gel technology has been used

Victoria recently done a Facebook Live event to show what builder in a bottle is and the benefits of the system. Check out the video here:

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